See what our customers have said about our jerky! 

Gary – Owner Carlton Tire, Lakeport, CA

When Randy first came into my shop with his jerky I was impressed that the jerky was fresh, so I decided to try a free sample. WOW !!! Was I convinced. The best jerky I had ever eaten, and I've tried a lot. I started buying Randy's Jerky from Randy every week when he came in. After several weeks, one week he didn't show up. I was waiting for him. The next week when he visited us I asked what happened last week. He said that he went on vacation. I told him, “don't do that again!, I got the shakes without your jerky, is it more now?”. I started calling him my pusher (jokingly). Now over 5 years later, I'm buying 4 bags of pepper jerky every week. All kidding aside, I will bet you if you try this jerky, you will be amazed, as I was, at just how good Randy's Jerky truly is, besides you can't beat a free sample, and don't forget about that free toothpick !!!

Stetson – "Carnivore"

I can't talk yet, but if I could, I would say...
I wuv dis yerky, speshly da baby ribs, Get some!

Sam – Pace Plumbing Supply, Ukiah

I have been buying jerky since I was a kid, so when Randy came to my work with samples of FRESH jerky, I was eager to try it. I had never heard of a fresh jerky, kind of an oxymoron in my mind. But boy was I convinced from the first bite. Best jerky I've ever had! It was chewy, moist, and full of flavor. I really liked his teriyaki and started buying a bag every week when he come around to my work. Now it’s 5 years later and I’m buying two bags per week. It’s a perfect snack at work and I don’t eat other guy’s donuts. You HAVE to try this jerky !

Melanie – Office Mgr. Bushby Sharpening, Ukiah

Ever since I had a sample of Randy's Hot Wings Chicken Jerky, I was sold ! The flavor is wonderful and I had never had chicken jerky. I buy 2 or 3 bags every week. I hate to be without it !

Dave - AAA Insurance Office, Ukiah

When I first sampled Randy's Teriyaki Jerky, I was amazed how much his jerky tasted like the jerky my father used to make. Randy's has that fresh made taste and wow ! what a wonderful flavor. You can taste the flavor of the meat throught the marinade. That's not normally done in store jerky.

Craig – Technician - Transmission Exchange, Ukiah

I like the Pepper a lot, but I alternate with Teriyaki and the Baby Back Ribs. It's great to take on bike trips. And who would expect to find a toothpick in the bag ?

Victor – McAtees Marine, Lakeport

I gotta have my Pepper jerky every week ! I'm so serious about it that if I'm not there when he comes by, my boss buys it for me. You won't believe the flavor. Best jerky I have ever had, hands down. Trust me, you gotta try that free sample !

Darrell – Davis Fabrication, Lakeport

Wow ! What can I say? I love jerky. Been buying it for 50 years and I have never had a jerky this good. It is tender, but not mushy. Tremendous flavor and no after taste from added chemical preservatives. I really like the new Baby Back Ribs. Randy is always coming up with new flavors and meats. Makes things interesting when he comes in the shop.

Lana – Wine Tasting Specialist, Parducci Winery, Ukiah, CA

I give Randy's Jerky 5 stars, it's fresh and it's all natural and simply the best jerky I've ever had !

Dalice – Wine Tasting Specialist, Parducci Winery, Ukiah, CA

I look forward to Randy coming aroud every week. It is a great snack that I can enjoy every day without worrying about messing up my diet, like chips or pastries would. And, I am so impressed with that free toothpick ! He cares about us. Lol

Michele – Office, Parducci Winery, Ukiah, CA

Randy's Jerky is delicious. It's fresh, no preservatives and you can taste the meat, not just the flavoring. My favorite is the Smokey Pepper, but the new BBQ Pork is a very close second.

Cindy – Sun Dental, Lakeport

For anyone who hasn't tried Randy's Jerky, you truly are missing out on something wonderful. I tried a sample of Randy's Jerky a few years ago, and became a regular customer. Our normal delivery date is Wednesday, which in our office has been changed to 'Jerky Day'. My favorite is the Teriyaki; although the Spicy Chicken and Barbecue Ribs are a close race for second. Randy's Jerky is the perfect snack! I take it on all our road trips, as a movie snack or anytime I'm on the go and a fast delicious snack is called for. Samples are always available, and I make sure that anyone who comes in the office during one of our deliveries gets to try it. The overwhelming consensus is “Wow, it's really good!”.

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