Our Jerky Story

15 years ago I was buying 2 sticks of jerky every night to eat on the way home from work. It was ok, ( I tried several brands of production jerky), but not something you would brag about. One day I was thinking; I bet I could make jerky. I had no idea how to make jerky, so I bought a book on the jerky-making process. I didn’t realize at the time that there was a big difference between making jerky and making good jerky. At the time, I had three children living at home and they were my test market.


I took marinade recipes from this book and proceeded to make root beer jerky and fruity jerky. They sounded fun right? And I guess I dried it to death (typical for first timers, I found out). My kids would try the jerky and exclaim loudly: dad this stuff is terrible. I explained that they had to eat it because I spent the grocery money for the meat. Only kidding them of course, but I was offended that they didn’t like my master chef jerky.

It took a few years to develop my own marinades and learn a good drying process, but boy do they call or text me now saying: dad please send jerky. Our goal is to give you possibly the best jerky you have ever had and have fun doing it. That’s why periodically I come up with a new marinade or meat choice. If it wasn’t fun I wouldn’t do it. Seriously, that’s why we have zucchini jerky. We are proud of our product and have many happy consumers who swear by it. All I ask is that you try this home style jerky and please give us feedback. This company was built on it.

Thanks for trying it.

Jerky Chef

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